We are not a single factory in the traditional sense, we are a comprehensive system!


We have close ties with paper raw material factories, and special paper proofing is as low as you can imagine, because we are pursuing quantity! We integrate the channels of source manufacturers in Zhejiang + Guangdong + Xiamen because we deal with them every day;


Printing process (We have the ability to integrate Xiamen printing resources. Heidelberg/Roland/Komori/all use the latest equipment, but we can use the lowest price for processing. The cost is so low that you can’t imagine, because we are pursuing efficiency!


Surface treatment process (we have integrated hot stamping/UV/die-cutting/manufacturing in Xiamen, with dozens of cooperative factories for each process. Because we deal with each other every day, we are very familiar with each other and have cooperated for several years. Each Factories have been working hard at this process for 10-20 years)


Cost control advantage, all process manufacturers have their own factories and workers, so we adopt a combined vertical and horizontal method for all orders. Every process is the lowest price and the fastest speed! Therefore, we do not need to add additional costs to the product. In terms of price, compared with traditional procurement or agent procurement, the delivery time is faster and the price is lower!


We have the ability to quickly proof. The speed of digital proofing is less than 24H, and the speed of conventional paper bag proofing is less than 7 days (an additional 0.5 days will be added for each additional process + process)